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Thread: RFK Jr: JFK Doesn't Believe Lone Gunman Theory

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    I personally am not much into theories, but I do like listening to eye witness accounts.

    Abraham Zapruder states he heard 2 or 3 shots and the interviewer who was 100 yards away during the assassination states he heard 3. This interview took place 2 hours after the assassination.

    John Connally's first interview after 11/22/63 - YouTube

    John Connally, Texas Governor, states 5 days after the assassination during which he was also shot, that he heard 3 shots. One, after which the President "slumped", one that hit him right after that and then the final 3rd one that killed Kennedy.

    3 years after the assassination in 1966 Mr. Zapruder says in a brief interview he agrees with the findings of the Warren Commission.
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    There are only theories about the Kennedy assassination. There is no definitive proof regarding who did the shooting, exactly how it occurred or who was part of the likely conspiracy. Even the Connally interview adds to the confusion, because he later changed his story.

    Numerous witnesses heard at least one of the shots that sounded like it came from the grassy knoll where others saw a puff of smoke and a guy standing behind the wall.

    Dozens of people had their cameras confiscated immediately after the shooting by guys who identified themselves as Secret Service. None of those cameras or images have ever surfaced.

    Oswald was found in the lunch room on the ground floor just minutes after the shooting and did not appear to be winded from running down the stairs nor was he nervous in any way.

    Then there is the magic bullet that allegedly passed through both Kennedy and Connally, yet showed no distortion at all. Anyone who is a hunter knows that this is not likely. Even soft tissue distorts bullets. The bullet was found on a gurney in Parkland Hospital. It was probably not an assassination bullet, so why did someone plant it there and why is it accepted as an assassination bullet?

    The doctors at Parkland Hospital were threatened and told that their medical careers would be over if they ever talked about Kennedy's condition at the hospital. Many of those same doctors later claimed that Kennedy's wounds were altered from the time that the body left Parkland until the official autopsy was performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I have the book with the official autopsy photos. They are very detailed.

    The photo taken of Oswald with the Carcano rifle prior to the assassination is clearly an altered image. The shadows do not match up and it looks like the rifle was substituted. This image is supposedly proof that Oswald did own the Mannlicher rifle that allegedly killed Kennedy, but the rifles are not exactly the same. Who created and released an altered photo of Oswald holding the rifle?

    The enhanced version of the Zapruder film clearly shows what looks like a shot from the front. The blood splatter pattern would not have radiated like that with a shot from behind.

    Someone actually stole part of Kennedy's brain while on the flight between Parkland and Bethesda. The brain was partly intact at Parkland, but was missing when the body arrived at Bethesda. I wonder whose collection that is part of?

    The more you dig into the Kennedy assassination, the fuzzier it gets. Just about everything related to the assassination has a mystery attached to it. Nothing is clear. Someone went to great lengths to inject as many strange anomalies as they could just to keep things confused. Some of the best forensic investigators in the country spent lots of time trying to unravel the mysteries and either they come up with a theory or they walk away scratching their heads.

    Someone knows the facts, but they ain't tellin'.

    In one X-Files episode the kill shot was made by the smoking man from a storm drain to the right and at street level. Even that possibility has been investigated, but the angle was not right and therefore not feasible.
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    There are theories, but eye witness reports usually are worth listening to. If lateron changed, everyone has to decide on their own what they consider credible. If 3 people have stated that they heard 2 or 3 shots but later changed their minds, then it would be reasonable to ask why they first stated what they did.

    Of course: There could have been an echo involved. And the first shot making Kennedy slump could have been the one that hit the governor. But looking at the tape (btw. how do we know it hasn't been edited in some form?) and hearing the testimony, suggesting there must have been at least 2 shots sounds reasonable to me.

    Now the question is what the Warren commission report bases their one shot theory on.
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    My favorite subject the magic bullet.

    The one man I think that also knew the truth was Melvin Belli. I am betting Ruby had to of told him something, being his attorney, Belli kept his mouth shut to stay alive. He also kept Ruby alive for a legally insane person...who will believe anything that they say.

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