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RFK Jr: JFK Doesn't Believe Lone Gunman Theory

RFK Thought Warren Commission Was 'Shoddy Work'

Even Kennedy family members do not believe the official Democrat story that covered up the 1963 assassination connections to the crime syndicates. In the article, RFK Jr reveals that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby has numerous telephone conversations with mob figures prior to the JFK assassination.

We know that Joe Kennedy (the father to the Kennedy boys) made a deal with the mob to get JFK elected in exchange for a 'hands off the mob' policy if JFK was elected. As a result, over 10,000 dead people voted for Kennedy in Chicago and who knows how many in other cities. It was probably one of the most fraudulent elections in history. Nonetheless, it was also the closest election in US history.

After getting elected, JFK appointed his brother, Robert (RFK), to the position of Attorney General. RFK almost immediately started prosecuting mob figures. One of the major theories about the assassinations of both Kennedy brothers is that they were done in retaliation for reneging on the promises made by their father. RFK was assasinated in 1968 as he campaigned for president.

Joe Kennedy was probably one of the biggest scoundrels in American political history, even though he was never elected to any office. He was friends with FDR, who appointed him as US ambassador to England and later as the first head of the FTC. He was also a bootlegger who had ships loaded with scotch waiting off the coast as Prohibition was being repealed. The common misconception is that he made his millions in the bootlegging business, but that is not true according to the book, The Sins of the Father by Ronald Kessler. According to Kessler, Joe Kennedy made his millions using insider trading as the first head of the FTC. At that time, insider trading was not illegal. His abuses were so egregious that it resulted in the establishment of insider trading laws that have since been applied to the American people, but curiously the Congress and the Senate were exempted from these laws until 2012.