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Thread: RIAA settles suit where defendant had no PC

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    RIAA settles suit where defendant had no PC


    Opponents to the RIAA's lawsuit tactics have argued that MediaSentry is not only an unauthorized investigator but that it has regularly misidentified file traders by making assumptions about the accuracy of IP addresses that have targeted the deceased, young children and those like Roy who didn't have computers. Such tracking systems can only see file sharing accounts used by certain IP addresses and doesn't account for those using others' connections, mistaken physical addresses or the person actually using the computer.

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    I wonder how many thousands of dollars in legal expenses other innocent defendants have had to pay as a result of MediaSentry's misidentificatons.
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    The ISPs don't monitor. They have to (because of laws like the Patriot act - we need to be protected from all those stupid terrorists plotting to blow up the US, and using their personal computers for research - and, I think, some of that garbage anti-piracy legislation the gov't keeps foisting because they get nice contributions from the RIAA and MPAA) log who uses what IP addresses when, for a couple of years I believe.

    But they don't log everything you're looking at. That's what the NSA and FBI are doing (oh, with the help of the ISPs).

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