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I know without a doubt that Obama’s Presidency will fail. How do I know this? It’s simple. We have the benefit of history as a guide. How have socialist regimes performed in the past?
Vladimir Lenin failed in Russia
Adolf Hitler failed in Germany
Mao Zedong failed in China
Kim il Sung failed in North Korea
Fidel Castro failed in Cuba
Robert Mugabe is failing in Zimbabwe
By “failing”, I obviously mean “failing to perform well for the nation and its citizens.” These socialists ...

Not because the president USA Obama, whether good or bad, that is to say U.S. people after four years, time will show.

I am surprised that you set all of the above in the same basket of socialism.
Vladimir Lenin failed in Russia - Socialism
Adolf Hitler failed in Germany - Fascism
Mao Zedong failed in China - Communism

The differences between these systems are huge.

If you're in politics, and this study Socialists Utopist. ( French )
Henri de Saint-Simon, Sharl Fury and Robert Oven. Their precursors are Tomas Mor ( "Utopist") and Kampanela.
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Everyone says to match the current politics.

Sociologija - Wikipedija ( left - other language )

The difference is between Bosnia and Croatia, two neighboring countries.
In English at there is written highly tendentious, there is no writing on the German, and Russian better what you do not know.