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Thread: Tragedy in handball + 18

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    Unhappy Tragedy in handball + 18

    Marian Cozma 26 years was killed Saturday night in a night club in the hungarian town Veszprém.

    Other two players, Ivan Pesic and Zarko Sesum from the same handball team from Veszprém were wounded, one lost his kidney and another is in intensive care, was seriously wounded in the head.

    They were celebrating the birth of a team member's child when a dispute began.

    Seems like the killers are gipsies and were found in Austria, one was accused for crime in the past.

    This video shows the scene from the night club, Marian Cozma has white t-shirt with blue lines in the video, tall, 2,10 m and goes with his girlfriend at the bathroom. The gipsies block the stairs to the bathroom, the criminals around min 1,50 or so will hit Marian Cozma on the stairs and the others, in total was hit 3 times in the heart and died 2 hours later at the hospital :

    In memoriam :

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    YouTube removed the night club video.

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    That's too bad. It's always sad to hear about tragedies like this.

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