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Thread: US to split by 2010? Russian analyst thinks so.

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    US to split by 2010? Russian analyst thinks so.

    This is somewhat amusing:

    For seriously predicting that the United States will break into six parts in June or July of 2010, Igor Panarin has suddenly become a Russian state-media celebrity. Hardly a day goes by without another interview or two for the KGB-trained, Kremlin-backed senior analyst. The clamor in Russia for his ideas is growing, he says

    U.S. to split by 2010? Russian analyst thinks so - Washington Post-

    Diet Fads

  2. The most hilarious for me is his idea that Texas would be dominated by Mexico -- instead of the other way around.
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  3. Nice propaganda. Probably means that Putin wants the presidency back in 2010

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    I do believe it is possible the US will split into several smaller nations at some time in the future, but predictions of it happening in 2010 seems a bit wacky.

    Incidentally your link doesn't work anymore but the Wall Street Journal still has their story live.

    Also, the west coast under Chinese control? The north-east inside the EU? The midwest part of Canada? The south part of Mexico? Alaska part of Russia? Hawaii part of Japan?

    His assessment that the west coast would fall under Chinese influence is something I find hard to believe, California is the world's epicenter of technological advancement and whilst there are a lot of reasons why California would want a close relationship...

    As for the north-east becoming part of the EU, a more likely scenario is Canada becoming a member of the EU. Canada and the EU have already started talks that could lead to accession talks in the future, and Iceland is reported to be aiming for membership in the next two years. Margot Wallstrom, one of the Vice-President's of the EU Commission stated in an interview a couple of years ago (sorry, can't find the source right now) that Canada is a country that whilst not in Europe, still shares a lot of history and culture, and is modern enough that it could be integrated into the EU much easier than the former eastern bloc nations.

    In the same interview she said the EU could easily annex Russia when it collapses, and if memory serves me correctly I think she mentioned expectations of this happening between 2015 and 2025.
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    They're saying Belgium will split... 100 years ago..
    And every day again it's the same...
    We will split, we will split...

    But I think it will never happen

    Belgium is just a small country.. and if it doesn't work here.. than it won't there too

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Even in Canada, Quebec want's to split from the rest of the country. People don't want that :P

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