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Thread: Working on a political campaign

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    There's a reason Democrats hate photo ID laws. Really puts a hurt on their ability to do election fraud.

    There was a rumor published on an attorneys blog yesterday that Wendy is going to run for governor. The general concensus is she'll get beat but it will be better for her political future than getting beat for her existing senate seat and maybe she will get lucky and win.

    I dont see it happening. She and her supporters talk like all women are in her camp, but the cause for which she is best known is late-term abortion. The group statistically most opposed to that is women. The second most opposed is Hispanics. She cant win in TX with the demographics of this state. She has money pouring in from outta state, but as of July 1 she had a $1 million warchest and Greg Abbott had 20. She's gonna get beat like a rented mule.
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    I read something last year about a study that was performed in Texas showing that the largest percentage of people who lived in rural areas and claimed they could not travel to get IDs is white folk. That is the exact opposite of what the Dems are claiming about disenfranchising minorities.

    I think we need a national ID system like the Brits went to. It can be your voter ID and proof of citizenship.

    The DemocRats have said that they are targeting Texas. It would be a real coup if they were able to take it over for a presidential election. They did manage to take Colorado through mass migration of California liberals to Denver. Although rural Colorado is still mostly conservative, the libs and environmentalists dominate Denver and have full control of the politics. The California liberals have also taken over Tucson in southern Arizona. If you drive through Tucson today, you would swear you are in Los Angeles. The laws there are now goofy due to the influx of environmentalists. You cannot plant anything that is not native to Arizona. You will get taken to court and fined heavily for planting something as simple as an orange or apple tree in your own back yard.

    Watch out for California liberals migrating to Texas. They will Californicate all over you!
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