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Thread: Would these solve the US problems or make them worse.

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    Would these solve the US problems or make them worse.

    First let me explain something I am not a political person and honestly don't understand much of what happens anymore. I saw these things posted on another forum and wondered if some of the folks here who follow politics could explain why or why not these ideas would solve any problems. I don't seem to agree with a few of them but that might be a lack of knowledge.

    1. Obama must immediately pull all our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He must refuse to wage war with any other nation without "just cause," including Pakistan or Iran. Restrict our military to defensive purposes only and restrict them to 200 miles off the U.S. coast. Only wage war if we're invaded.

    2. Obama must refuse to send aid to Israel, and stay out of their business. All the money the Obama administration would send to aid Israel should be used to help Americans who are suffering during this economic crisis. Following George Washington's advice of "avoiding foreign entanglements."

    3. Close down all the U.S bases around the world. The locals don't want our troops there and it is costing us hundreds of millions which should be flowing through our own economy.

    4. Back the dollar by silver and gold. Shut down the Federal Reserve, at gun point if necessary.

    5. Have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney arrested immediately for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and put them on trial for breaking both national and international law. Open new investigation of 911 attacks.

    6. Replace your economic advisers with Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only man who has real solutions to America's economic problems.

    7. Stop with the bail outs and "stimulus packages" or risk destroying the dollar and the U.S. economy. Follow Austrian economic theories instead of Keynesian theories.

    8. Seek to restore America's manufacturing capacity. No nation can prosper without manufacturing capability.

    9. Be prepared for war against the Illuminati. Replace your entire secret service agents, and increase your security 1000 fold, for if you do the things I advocate in this thread Obama, "they" will come for you. You must be prepared for them. Bomb sniffing dogs, counter snipers, food scanners and body doubles should be just some of the things you should employ to avoid assassination. Trust no one, especially the CIA and NSA. Most American agencies have been compromised.

    10. In your state of the Union address, appeal to the American people and tell them that "enemies of the Republic seek to do our country harm." Name names, reveal the list of Bilderberg members, and begin hunting them down.

    11. Get the U.S. out of the U.N for our national security.

    12. Get rid of the stupid income tax, and replace it with a consumption tax.

    13. Call in author Robert Greene as Your foreign policy Advisor. His wisdom would be an indispensable tool for dealing with foreign and domestic threats and issues.

    14. Seek to build strong relations with Russia. Ignore those in your administration which seek to increase aggression against Russia.

    15. Hold a state of the union address in which you reveal that you will arm the American people with fully automatic weapons. Relax gun laws to make it easier for Americans to get automatic weapons. Purchase hundreds of thousands of guns from different sources, and arm Americans, especially those who live in inner city ghettos. By arming the public, gang members would be eradicated and violent crime would fall dramatically.
    I ask here as the threads have been peaceful and pleasant to sit back in shadows and read. Some of you seem to be very knowledgeable about foreign affairs and US politics

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  2. Yep, it's time to really start fighting the Illuminati

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    It can not be worse than the other dude...W. put the US in deep shit, can't be any lower than that...
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    Mr.bill Removing the Fiat Credit system from the US (Federal reserve) and from the world would be very hard.
    The founding presidents of the United States fought hard and long against the banker lobbyists during the 18the century to keep private central banks at bay. Abe Lincoln was assassinated presumably said by some for his efforts in the greenbacks (interest free gov printed fiat money). As you probably may of heard the Federal reserve is actually just a private company that prints money and loans it interest, its the perfect business isn't it? You should watch the video Doc called Money Masters to get a history on it and watch Money as Debt to understand how this fiat money is created in modern times. (Viewable via Youtube and Google video)

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