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Thread: Wow...The COLA for 2013 is going to be...

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    Wow...The COLA for 2013 is going to be...

    Okay, not official yet...but if you are on social security or government pension, it seems that this year the big cola will only be 1.4%.
    Government will make the official announcement the end of October.
    (cola - Cost of Living Allowance)

    EG: if your social security gross is $2,000 per month, your new gross will be $2,028

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    How about the buying power of the USD?
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    If you come to Japan, 1 USD will buy you a slurp of beer. But it wouldn't be enough to use a locker at the gym or pool. If you did a money exchange, you would get bronze colored coins in your hand for the 1 USD (ok you would get 3 shiny 1 yen coins as well).

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    Well, how about this for what the USD is worth.
    Russia and China are now buying and selling oil using the YUAN!

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