Hey you guys, we are kind of hurting for activity on Chatting Time at the moment, and we really need your help. I would like a 5/5 exchange please. Here are the rules:

1. My preference for a forum exchange would be Administrator or General Chat communities. I will allow no other genera, as those are the only two I'm solely interested in.

2. You must wait until I approve your site before either one of us begin. If I find that a site is too hard to navigate, or I can't even find the register button, I will not accept. Also, I would appreciate it if you would let me know if I'm already registered on your forum or not. I've registered to loads of forums in my time so it's hard to keep track. Also, if I keep getting a access denied error, as I already have on one site, I will automatically reject your request, as I refuse to join forums where a given email address is said to be that of a spammer. I know that sounds harsh, but I won't waste my time trying to register on a site that won't let me use my only email address, and no, I am not changing it.

3. I will not allow posting in Forum Games with this exchange. I know forum games are a popular thing, but we do need more things to talk about, so forum games should at least be limited to those on an exchange.

4. If, while on an exchange, you want to take advantage of one of our services, you are more than welcome to do so. At Chatting Time, we have ways for you to use your CT Cash to purchase services, which include VIP passes, as well as other cool things. Check it out while you're down there!

5. As part of this exchange, this is optional, but I'd seriously would like it if you helped us promote our forum. This is optional, not mandatory.

Interested? Check us out at http://www.chattingtime.com/forum/index.php But please keep the rules in mind though.