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Thread: 70AC$ for registering

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    I am giving 70AC$ to whoever registers in a site. All you have to do is give me your email id and I'll send you the invitation to the site. You only have to register and nothing else; will take 2-3 mins max. Please help me do this, because for each member that registers I'll get some concession on renting a Counter Strike server.

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    So we give you our email and you send us a registration link?

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    Exactly. Please guys. I would remain thankful to you forever if you do this.

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    I will think about it how long os this open for.

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    Email sent via. PM.

    Please do not publicly announce your email for this purpose.

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    Thanks el canadiano, PM replied.

    @ Strider : If you are interested please send me your email via PM. I need this to be done as fast as possible.

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    Guys, I am in need of just one more slot. Please.

    EDIT : All slots filled up. Thanks a lot to those who helped me in this.

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