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    Forum Link:

    Your name on the board: orc_dragoon

    Exchange Details:

    Im looking to do an active for active exchange on some forum. My expertise includes general chat, movie, and Science Fiction or Technology. Even though those are my expertise I do have some all around knowledge on other forum genres. If you have a gaming forum you can check out some of my work here:

    In this active exchange, Im looking for about 3 exchanges. All of which post at least 7 posts a day, in which I will do the same. Also, I am looking for people who can remember the exchange and have move knowledge, because I have had trouble with exchanged members forgetting. I do have some rules which I will post below:


    Only Safe for Work Content

    No Racial Hate Based forums

    Must have at least 1k Posts and at least 2 active members

    If you miss a day, all Posts must be made up the next day.

    Posts must be at least 10 words long

    No Religion Based Forums

    Signatures must be kept clean of sites and forums. (Ill Do the same in return)

    If you happen to be interested in this exchange, please post below with your forums link and small description.



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    Signatures are allowed. Just not for advertising purposes of your site...The reason Im doing it that way is so that it doesnt seem like Im doing a post exchange and seems more of a legit poster.

    Are you interested in an exchange?

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    It looks like a pretty decent forum. Ill be happy to join. As long as you understand that I have no religious affiliation and Im an atheist. So, I will only be participating in offtopic sections.

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    I will do an active/active with you if you are interested but our site is a football/soccer site Manutdbuzz

    have a look at our site and let me know if you want to do the deal,

    if you are interested and join our site make sure to pm me on there with the team you support so I can put you in the correct group

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    I have absolutely no interest in posting on a soccer forum. Sorry. Its not that I dunt know anything about it. Its just that I dont think I could do it from day to day...

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    Ok no probs mate.

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    I can Also do an Active / Active on your forum, join mine and Message me if you are intrested, My domain is

    Please reply if you are intrested!

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