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Thread: Advertise Hotspot [Complete]

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    Advertise Hotspot [Complete]

    Forum URL:

    Package Requesting: Large please

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    Request Accepted

    Thank you for requesting a posting parcel. The staff working on your request are below.

    22_22 (0/15 posts) (2/5 topics)

    Prime [zimzy] (8/15 posts) (3/5 topics)

    Lorcan (7/15 posts) (0/5 topics)


    15/15 posts

    5/5 topics

    Once your package is complete, feedback would be appreciated here

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    so have you completed it?

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    It hasn't been completed yet, when it is completed it will be in the completed parcels section.

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    This parcel should not have been done as you are meant to have 100 cash, but since it is our first large parcel, we let you away with it.


    The Parcel Team

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    Awaiting Cash

    Thanks for requesting, your posts are now completed. The request will be moved to completed once the cash has been deducted.

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    Large Parcels are 50% off

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    Re: Advertise Hotspot

    I know just found out, gave 17 cash back, sorry about the mix up.

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