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Thread: Booster Parcel Please

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    Booster Parcel Please

    Forum URL:

    Parcel Requesting: Booster Parcel

    It's a brand new website opening later tonight, figured getting a small boost in topics would help with the grand opening. Anyway I'd like it if most of the posts would be in the gaming sections in the forum, but it's fine if they're in other ones too.


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    Re: Booster Parcel Please

    I'm a huge gaming fan. Infact, I'm on my Xbox 360 now. :P

    Tagged, I'll start this later this afternoon.

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    Re: Booster Parcel Please

    Request Accepted

    Thank you for requesting a posting parcel. The staff working on your request are below.

    22_22 (10/10 topics)

    Once your package is complete, feedback would be appreciated: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=84.

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    Re: Booster Parcel Please

    Awaiting Cash

    Thanks for requesting, your posts are now completed. The request will be moved to completed once the cash has been deducted.

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    Re: Booster Parcel Please

    Cash deducted.

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