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Thread: Parascientifica

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    Package: Booster Package

    Forum Link:

    Name on my board: Parascientifica

    Are you staff there ? Yes

    Do you meet the requirements ? Yes

    I would prefer you to post anywhere but the offtopic area.

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    Re: Parascientifica


    Your package will be completed within 48 hours.

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    Re: Parascientifica

    Ok sounds good thanks.

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    Re: Parascientifica

    So when will this be done? :P

    the 48 hours have passed.

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    Re: Parascientifica

    Please be patient

    You will be notified when it is complete...

    Thank you!

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    Re: Parascientifica

    I am sorry theboss I hope it will be done soon.

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    Re: Parascientifica

    Yea, just wondered as it said that it would be done within 48 hours :P

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    Re: Parascientifica

    I am not a packer but I will be doing this for you as I was asked by Master due to the slow attendance to your request... I will try and do it as fast as I can... but as I said before I am not a packager...



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    Re: Parascientifica

    Ok thanks for the time

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    Re: Parascientifica

    No problems!

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