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Thread: Adwords Help Needed

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    Adwords Help Needed

    I'm going to start an adwords campaign soon, and wanted to know something.

    Basically, I can get vouchers really really cheaply, like a $250 voucher for under $50. I know these have to be on new accounts, but my questions are:

    1) Can I use multiple vouchers on my account? So, could I get 3 $250 vouchers and then activate them all for $750 worth of credit?
    2) Do the vouchers expire once you put them on your account? So, do you have to use them by a certain time after you activate them?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 1 - No you can only use one.

    2 - There are different conditions set on different vouchers.

    These 250$ vouchers can only be used once each, better pay after using them. It is best to go in for 50$ vouchers which are the safest.
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