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Thread: Best ROI with PPC Search Engines

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    Best ROI with PPC Search Engines

    I was just wandering if anyone here has had any positive experiences with any other PPC services besides Google or Yahoo?
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  2. Google AdWords is the best PPC as per best of my knowledge if you want to go with genioun PPC Program

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    Hi, yes i agree with you that Google and yahoo is the best , but recently i got shocked when i have been through one site called its good guys , and now getting paid well , you also can go through this.

    Thanks for coming to our forum and making multiple helpful "3rd party" endorsements of your site.
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    Yeah Even I was surprised to see Google and yahoo are great...but Bing is also useful in PPC marketing.

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    Bing and Yahoo PPC are one and the same. Yahoo dumped their PPC program a few years ago and it was taken over by Bing.

    I have never found Bing's PPC program to be cost effective. When MSN became Bing, the clicks (and the cost) for all of the accounts that I was managing doubled, yet no one saw any increase in business. I thought that was very suspicious. Needless to say, the ROIs plummeted.
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    Google Sites: 65.5%
    Yahoo! Sites: 16.9%
    Microsoft sites: 11.7%
    Ask: 3.8%
    AOL: 2.5%

    So the the first three search engines dominate the PPC market.

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