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Thread: Can We use Google Adwords in affiliate marketing

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    Can We use Google Adwords in affiliate marketing

    Thanks for reading in,
    I want you to tell me, can i use Google Adwords in affiliate marketing, Cost per Action affiliation or something like that. I am full time affiliate marketer, wana use GA a little bit to enhance visitors. So, if you are using something like that, or know how to do. Please share and explain here.

    I appreciate your time and consideration.
    Kind Regards !
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    You can use adwords to build traffic to your landing page, but not directory to an affiliate link itself.
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    I think google adwords is a great way to increase traffics through advertisments on your website in shorter time of period. Even you can use PPC tool as well.

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    Lol, you may generate traffic. How ever you're setting your self up for more spam bots.

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    yeah drive traffic to your landing page as you get..........traffic you may have high probability for your product.........

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