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Thread: Google AdWords: 11 herbs and spices revealed

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    Google AdWords: 11 herbs and spices revealed

    Google AdWords: 11 herbs and spices revealed

    Google likes its secrets. But there's one secret it likes more than any other. We don't mean Goobuntu. Or the GDrive. Or those Juniper-killing GRouters. We mean the secret that makes the millions, the secret at the heart of the Mountain View money machine.

    It's not much of a secret, really. It's right there for all to see. But it's something Google refuses to admit - whether the question comes from from a nagging reporter or a loyal customer. If Google keeps its loyal customers ignorant, Google makes more money. Much more.


    Even among seasoned AdWords advertisers, the assumption is that you're bidding for the right to post an ad every time someone searches on your keyword. Or at least most of the time. The wisest advertisers are well aware that Google may tweak ad placements based on the surfer's location. And many speculate that Google is targeting ads based on the surfer's surfing habits. But almost no one - including some of the cleverest search engine marketers we've spoken to - realizes the truth. And that's because Google won't acknowledge it.

    The truth is that Mountain View carefully controls the number of impressions each ad receives - presumably as a means of maximizing its own revenue. To wit, if you bid on the keywords "pork dumplings," your ad will likely appear on only a small fraction of "pork dumpling" searches. And you have no way of knowing how small that fraction is.

    Read the rest of the article at Google AdWords: 11 herbs and spices revealed.

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    In fact this article shows the truth, but there is not much to do about it as an advertiser, Google takes a lot of the money per click..
    But Google is like our big papa, and they're doing their job, it's pretty normal they want a lot of money, we want just the same

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    That's a very interesting article, except I don't know how true it is because on my own websites that have AdSense on them I see the same ads all the time, even when I use a proxy, so they are either adjusting the top bids on a per user basis, or the article isn't correct. If I visit Will's tech-faq I still see the same ads on repeat visits.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by elbandelero View Post
    If I visit Will's tech-faq I still see the same ads on repeat visits.
    Some of those are AdWords advertisers who are using placement targeting to buy ad space on The Tech-FAQ.

    Others are NetShelter ads, and are not running through Google AdWords at all.
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