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Thread: Google Opens Bidding on Trademarked Keywords

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    Google Opens Bidding on Trademarked Keywords

    Google (GOOG) is going global with an advertising strategy that has kicked up controversy in the U.S. and Europe. As part of its efforts to generate revenue from online ads, Google lets marketers in a handful of countries pay to surface their ads when a would-be customer searches for a rival's brand name.

    Starting June 4, marketers in about 200 countries will be allowed to purchase rival trademarks as keywords to trigger display of "sponsored search" ads on Google. Honda, for instance, could bid to have one of its ads displayed when a consumer searches the term "Toyota." In recent years some companies have sued Google or the competing company, saying the practice is a form of trademark infringement.

    Google's Rival Keyword Sales Go Wide - BusinessWeek

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  2. Google's lawyers must be bored and looking for a fight.

    I like it -- another move which damages Google's reputation and quickens Google's inevitable demise -- while at the same time increasing AdWords revenue to Google and thereby increasing AdSense revenue to me. It's a win-win!
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    "Plaintiffs' lawyers in Marshall, Texas (a well-known hotspot for patent litigation) have brought a trademark infringement lawsuit (PDF) against Google over Google AdWords on behalf of all Texas trademark owners. This class action lawsuit represents a major frontal assault against Google's main source of revenue. However, as this post explains, Google might view this lawsuit as an opportunity, not a threat."

    Slashdot Submission | Class Action Trademark Lawsuit Against Google
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