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Thread: How pay per click advertising help you?

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    How pay per click advertising help you? was the first to launch the pay per click services on the internet. The company did so in 1997. Today pay per click has become one of the major forms of advertisement on the internet. An estimate says that it will be over ten billion industry by 2010. Today all the big internet companies are interested in the pay per click services. Google and Yahoo have already launched their own pay per click services and the other mega companies like MSN and Askjeeves have also plans on their tables. This clearly tells that the future belongs to pay per click advertisement.

    When you make a search on the internet, you will see that there are sponsored advertisements along with the natural search results for your query. These ads are placed on top, bottom and right hand side of the original search results. They are the pay per click advertisement campaigner’s ads. What actually happens is that the companies actually make bids online for the keywords and then these keywords along with the keywords will be appearing in the search results. Websites like Google and Yahoo makes these ads appear on the websites as well. They are placed on the websites that have the related content and hence this benefits both the advertiser and the search engines.

    You are charged mainly in two ways for this kind of advertisement. You are charged per click and per impression. Click means the number of clicks that your ad got and impression means the number of times your ad appeared in the search results.

    The pay per click services helps the advertisers in a great way. It helps the advertisers to attract customers and improve sales over a very short period of time. Pay per click is unlike SEO campaigns as far as the time period is concerned. The SEO campaigns take a long time, a minimum of around 3 months to give the benefits to the advertisers. But the pay per click works wonders over a very short period of time. It’s a quick way to boost the traffic to the website. The pay per click can generate clicks within minutes and you will not have to wait a long time to reap the rewards of the money that you have put in the advertisement campaign.

    Many recent surveys have showed that pay per click also increases the brand awareness. It really helps you to generate more revenue by getting direct leads and it also strengthens your bran as it features often on the internet. Actually around 90% of the useful websites that people will bookmark are found by searching. This means that there is a great value if you put your ad where the people look many times a day. The searches that are related to your ad, will display your ad in the search results. This boosts traffic and you get many potential customers as well.

    Hope this info helped.

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    I plan to advertise by flyers and word of mouth around the area where I live. But how do I start a website where I can refer...for me) and what is a pay per click web site and how do you get one. I know I asked alot of questions, but please help Thanks so much!

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    Pay per click advertising part of paid search marketing. The PPC advertising model, advertisers are required to bid for spots advertising on search engines, for every click on an advertisement and marketing strategy are cheaper and affordable.

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    PPC is a great help to your business but it doesn't always work. But in my opinion you should at least give it a try!! The reason I am recommending PPC is because it takes you where your market is!

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