Hey i find the discussion about marketing using PPC is not available yet. So i make this thread.

PPC is pay per click, one advertisement program which require you to pay some bucks for every click to your ads. An example of PPC is adword (the largest and the effective ways), adbrite, chitika, and many more.

Your site is not only shown on adword/adbrite/etc ppc site, but also in publisher site (such adsense...).
This way of marketing a product/site is need investment. But i think it's worth since :

1. your traffic will be targetted, because your ads will shown only if people type some keyword
2. not too expensive. in adword, with $0.01/click, you can start to advertise your product
3. No need to do SEO anymore :P

So, what do you think of this techique to marketing?