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Thread: need to know a pay per click network with good traffic?

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    need to know a pay per click network with good traffic?

    hello, first of all i have used several ppc network as google adwords (ok), yahoo (not bad but expensive), bidvertiser (so bad), miva (so bad) 7search( ok).
    Anyone have tried a ggood ppc campaign from others network with good traffic?

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    Hi, as like you, i have also been through lot of sites but now i am using, and getting good traffic. you can also try it..

    MOD NOTE: This is one of multiple faux 3rd party endorsements this guy made of his own site. Huge grain of salt recommended.
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    An endorsement of the site you came here to push, cloaked as a third party recommendation. Classy.

    The first giveaway was that you sought out a two year old thread to "help". Just in case it helps you at the next venue.
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    adwords is the best but you may have keyword with high searches......................................

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