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Thread: The New PPC

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    The New PPC

    In these videos Amish and Larry from The New PPC will show you how to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns and how to maximize your ROI. From keyword research to market discovery.

    The New PPC - Introduction

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    The New PPC - Video 1 - Pay Per Click Introduction

    This video explains who Larry and Amish are, what they will do in the upcoming videos, and the importance of PPC. From Google Adwords, to Yahoo Overture, to MSN AdCenter.

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    The New PPC - Video 2 - Pay Per Click Market Research

    In these videos Larry and Amish will show you how they go about researching markets and finding ones that are profitable. This video talks about using Google, ClickBank and Yahoo for market research.

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    The New PPC - Video 3 - Keyword Research

    In the last video, Amish and Larry showed you how to determine if you're in the right market, how to find your most profitable keywords, and how to do some "sneaky" research using Clickbank.

    In this video, they show their keyword lists and the market analysis, and how to start uploading our campaigns in Google AdWords, Yahoo Overture (Search Marketing), and MSN AdCenter.

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    The New PPC - Setting up Google Adwords Campaigns

    In the last video Larry and Amish showed you their keyword and the market analysis, and they started uploading campaigns to Google AdWords, Yahoo Overture (Search Marketing), and MSN AdCenter.

    In this video, they go through the process of creating a Google AdWords Campaigns and AdGroups.

    Organization is KEY in Google AdWords. Quality Score and how organizing your ad groups and keywords play in integral part of your QS.

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    The New PPC - Setting up Yahoo Search Campaigns

    In the last video Amish and Larry showed the process of creating a Google AdWords Campaign and AdGroup.

    In this video, they go through Yahoo Search (Overture). It is a very different animal than AdWords being that what you bid is what you get. Yahoo Search is GREAT for long tail keywords because there is not much competition in them. However short tail keywords are VERY competitive.

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    The New PPC - Setting up MSN AdCenter Campaigns

    In the Larry and Amish showed the process of creating Yahoo Search Marketing Campaigns (Overture.)

    In this video, they create campaigns in MSN AdCenter. MSN users are most likely to buy off advertisements because they are not browsers like Google users are. MSN users are those who never reset their homepage or use Hotmail and are not very computer savvy. They turn on the computer, search for something, and buy. MSN AdCenter has very in depth targeting. Uoi can target by region, age, sex, and everything. If you know your target market, you can nail them right on the head!

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    The New PPC - Video 4 - Advanced AdWords Strategies

    The video starts with a few basics and then quickly dives into some great advanced AdWords techniques:

    - Broad Matching. How to avoid losing money by choosing the wrong keywords.

    - Phrase Matching and the secret of grouping words together to lower your PPC costs and raise your ROI immediately.

    - Exact Matching. How to show people exactly what they're looking for and nothing else.

    - Negative Keywords and how you can "screen" your traffic. Only pay for profitable clicks, not for the money-suckers.

    - Grouping and Siloing your Campaigns. How to avoid a common mistake made by almost all PPC marketers. If you don't Group and Silo, you'll be hit by the Google Slap. When you know how to do this right, your Cost Per Click goes WAY down, and your conversions go WAY UP.

    - How to make Google LOVE you -- and reward you with cheaper clicks, higher Click throughs, and better Conversions.

    - The power of CLP. When you start using this technique, watch your profits soar! This is the one and only technique that gets you past the "Google Slap", keeps your prospects happy, and spikes your sales like crazy.

    - The three secrets to improving your Quality Score with Google, and how to start using them immediately.

    - The one free tool from Google you must use to increase your CTR automatically.

    - How to configure your settings in Google for the best results.

    - The right number of ads to create for each ad group and the correct rotation to show them at.

    - How to monitor and track the Content Network clicks -- screw this up and you'll cost yourself big-time.

    - All about Analytics -- What you need to know about Google Analytics including how to use Analytics data to alter your pages for better ROI.

    - How to use Analytics to know absolutely everything that's happening in your sales funnel -- right down to how long people spend on each page.

    - The Perpetual Keyword Money Machine. A theory of using PPC to test ANY market, find the long-tail keywords, and turn your PPC results into natural SEO traffic.

    - How to use your SEO discoveries to build theme-Based sites around your market; why you must use BOTH the PPC and the SEO approaches to continuous floods of traffic.

    - Using your Theme-Based Sites to go deep and uncover sub-niches that nobody else even knows about.

    - The 3 types of Money Keywords and how to use them to make more money.

    - How to use your PPC and SEO discoveries to actually create your content -- NEVER wonder again about what content will pay you the most profits.

    - The right way to use your weblogs to power the system, and set your Perpetual Keyword Money Machine into motion, bringing you profits month after month, year after year.

  9. These videos are surprisingly good!
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    These videos are surprisingly good!
    Are they?

    Maybe I find enough time tomorrow to watch them.

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