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Thread: Pay Per Click Google Adwords or Consumer (opt in) Mail Shot - Whats better?

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    Pay Per Click Google Adwords or Consumer (opt in) Mail Shot - Whats better?

    I have a property related website - its for holiday home owners to advertise their property for sale or rent privately - no agents, commission etc. I have done a lot of the free SEO - ie I have a blog, keywords on website, submit articles, directories etc and now I am ready to step things up a bit... I have already paid for an advert in a property/holiday publication...

    What is better - pay per click with Google OR paying a UK company to send a mailshot to their opt-in list of consumers who have registered an interest in overseas property in some way (maybe ticked a survey that they own a holiday home etc)

    PPC looks to be a lot cheaper - mailshots are around £100 per thousand emails (the price goes down the more you send)

    Any advice on how to increase exposure for my website and whether PPC or consumer emails are worth it and which is better?

    Thanks a lot

  2. It's really not about costs, it's about RoI (Return on Investment).

    The only way to know is to test both options. Moreover, you'll probably want to test both options with multiple variations of your sales pitch.
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    Yes the CPC is too high. I am not sure why exactly. The page is pretty optimized and the quality score is usually 7+ out of 10. The problem is that these keywords are local in Los Angeles. If someone from Los Angeles googles Carpet Cleaning, they wont get much out of it because they might not be able to find a local carpet cleaner.

    We do have privacy policy on the site, there are links to contact page and also we have the physical address on all the pages. I am not sure if you could take a look at the website and see what else might be missing or what it is that we are doing so wrong.

    The keywords are in the ads and in the URLs and everything. We have different campaigns to narrow down the targets. Everything is done well and according to the best practices but we just can't figure out what the problem is. Any suggestions?

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