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Thread: Are PPC slowing your loading time?

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    Are PPC slowing your loading time?

    As you may know PPC code call the ads on your pages but increase the loading time. I guess it really depends on how fast to begining with your pages load.

    If your site has an average loading time and you add avertising codes, it will increase your loading time.

    Google recently included this factor in SEO.

    My question is simple: Are you still having a decent loading time with the PPC code installed on your pages?
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    What all you have mentioned here is correct. But now Google has released a new beta version of new code snippet. You might have had this problem with previous tracking code. But newer code (Asynchronous) is showing speedy responses as it doesn't take long time to execute the tracking code.

    I wonder if somebody has the increased loading time with new beta.

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    I think you might want to say either Google Adsense or linking Google Adwords to Google Analytics. In both cases, the code will increase your website loading speed. Although, you may use gzip compression technique to save your loading time.

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    Google AdSense does not increase your load time as far as spiders are concerned. It uses JavaScript, which is not executed by spiders. It will not factor into the load time calculated by Google, but it can affect that actual load time that users experience.
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