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  1. PPC Success Stories

    Just wondering. I know ppc can create a lot of traffic but, does anyone make a profit other then large corporations. I ‘d like to hear some ppc success stories if any out there.
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  2. I have made several attempts at PPC success, most of them with AdWords. I have not yet found a combination that works.

    And yet I know that NetBuilders like Nathan are earning good RoI through PPC.

    I think it's mostly an issue of having the right product or service to promote. PPC doesn't work well for everything. In particular, PPC seems most well suited to higher margin goods and services -- for the obvious reasons.
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    You can definitely make some good cash affiliate marketing using PPC programs like Adwords.

    I generally don't give out campaign stats - but this campaign has been well and truly slapped. This was one of my better campaigns - over $8k NZD was spent on it and I got nearly 150k clicks from Google. My landing page CTR was around 80% and I got a conversion rate of between 5%-10%. Thats around 6000 to 12000 leads at $1.25 USD payout.

    I tend to go for the lower cost per click niches and focus mainly on the content network. I haven't really done anything bigger but there is money in most niches. It can take a long time to start making some real cash with Adwords but once you get it... you can keep on doing it.

    If you want to learn I'd go with something like PPC Coach.
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  4. I also tried many times to advertise with Adwords, but for me does not worked at all. This has eat up my budget each time, but did not got any results from it.

    From my personal experience, I think it's better to invest your budget is seo than in PPC.
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