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Thread: Try Google AdWords with USD$100 in free advertising

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    Try Google AdWords with USD$100 in free advertising

    I noticed this message in webmasters tools today

    Dear Site Owner,

    Thank you for using Webmaster Tools. While using these tools is a great way to be found on Google, many webmasters also use Google AdWords to increase traffic by promoting themselves to interested visitors and prospects. We want to offer you the opportunity to give AdWords a try with this USD$100 advertising coupon.

    What is AdWords? AdWords ads are relevant text ads that appear alongside or above the results in response to searches on Google. So, when someone searches for products, services or content that you offer, your ad could show up alongside or above the organic search results. So, with AdWords, you are promoting yourself to interested prospects right when they are searching for just what you offer.

    Other benefits of AdWords:
    Control where your ad appears – by country, region or town
    Using AdWords, you can target the audience that matters to you, across the globe or right in your neighborhood.

    Set your own budget and fully control your costs
    There is no minimum spending requirement; how much you invest in AdWords is completely up to you. You could, for instance, set a daily budget of USD$100 and a maximum bid of USD$0.50 for each click on your ad*. You decide how much each new lead (click) is worth to you.

    Pay only when somebody clicks on your ad
    When your ad is set up with cost-per-click pricing, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

    To sign up for AdWords and take advantage of this USD$100 offer:

    1. Visit Google AdWords. You could use your existing Google Account to sign up and create your new Google AdWords account.
    2. Sign in to your new AdWords account.
    3. On the Billing tab, enter your information in the Billing Preferences section.
    4. To claim your free USD$100 of advertising, enter your unique, non-transferable, one-time use code (including hyphens) into the Promotional code field.
    ================================================== =====
    Your personal coupon code: ****-****-****-****-***
    ================================================== =====
    5. Complete the Billing Information section, then click Save and Activate.
    6. Create a few ad campaigns and see how AdWords can help your business.


    The Webmaster Tools Team

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    Yeah I found the same message a few days ago. I've never used Adwords but I think I might give it a shot this time.

    I mean $100 worth of clicks could mean loooads of traffic in certain niches.

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    I also received a $100 coupon code in my Google Webmaster Tools. Will use them surely

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