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Contact name: Calvin Huckle
Email: calvinhuckle@hotmail.com
Snail Mail: 905 Spotsylvania St. New Athens, IL. 62264
Phone: (206) 984-2397

Webmaster thwarts Nigerian scammer's plans to steal an estimated $48,000 from 8 victims!

New Athens, IL. USA, 2009 -

Most of us have received those bogus "419" emails from Nigeria that promise millions of dollars. They are such obvious scams that it is hard to imagine that anyone would fall for them. Yet someone falls for a 419 email scam every 44 seconds. In 2007 alone over $4,300,000,000 was stolen from victims of 419. Victim's suffer to varying degrees, but every day an estimated 426 people go from fanatical security to fanatical ruin because of 419 scammers.

So what can someone do to fight these criminals? That is where the webmaster of "419HELL.com" 419 Hell ,,, Fighting nigerian scams for fun! and the new online sport called "Scam Baiting" comes in...

Scam Baiting (SKAM bay.ting) pp. Harassing an email scammer, particularly one running a 419 advance fee fraud scheme, by feigning interest in the scam and then tricking the scammer into performing costly, silly or time-wasting tasks. Synonyms: scam-baiting, scambaiting, b8ing, baiting. Sited Reference: 419 Hell ,,, Fighting nigerian scams for fun!
- scam baiter n.

The webmaster of 419hell.com, Calvin Huckle, was able to fool a Nigerian email scammer (who called himself "Mikel Bolton") into believing that he was a fellow scammer who was willing to help swindle victims in exchange for a percentage of the profits. Little did the scammer know that Calvin Huckle was planning to betray him the whole time. He took the information given to him by the scammer and called all of the victims to warn them that they were about to be scammed.

To read details of the "scam bait" where Calvin Huckle thwarted the scammer - visit: Nigerian Scams

To listen to the phone recordings of the victim's reactions when Calvin warned them - visit:
Nigerian Scams

So how much money did Calvin Huckle save the people he warned? "It is hard to say..." said Huckle. "...but the average 419 scam victim loses about $6,000 by the time a 419er (email scammer) has finished with them. I have successfully warned 8 people so far. So it is fair to assume that I saved them about $48,000 collectively."

How did the Nigerian scammer react to Calvin's betrayal? He is quoted (by email) as saying the following...
"Calvin, You're a game player with NO sense of honour, hence i knows your @#$%ing type @#$%hole.Are you tired of @#$%ING your mum?.Well nice work for breaking every record of sound morality and good mannerism with this singular honour of @#$%ING your mum @#$%hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

Calvin Huckle is by no means the only "scam baiter" on the Internet. "There are whole online communities devoted to the art and sport of Scam Baiting." notes Huckle. "With tens of thousands of participants. Two of the best are forum.419eater.com :: Index and ScamBaiting at its finest -theScamBaiter.com - Powered by vBulletin ."

Calvin Huckle admits that he used underhanded tricks and told flat out lies to successfully trick the Nigerian scammer into revealing his victim's information. So how does Calvin Huckle respond to critics who say he is, him self, something of a scoundrel? "Perhaps I am..." He admits "...But remember the 419hell.com motto... 'It is good to be a jerk - to those who deserve it.' ...and 419 scammers definitely deserve it."

Website: 419 Hell ,,, Fighting nigerian scams for fun!
Contact name: Calvin Huckle
Email: calvinhuckle@hotmail.com
Snail Mail: 905 Spotsylvania St. New Athens, IL. 62264
Phone: (206) 984-2397