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    Press Release Results

    I did three test press releases recently. Here's what I've learned so far.

    I did three press releases using three different distribution services:

    Here are the results so far:

    PRLeap: %22MemeBridge+Launches+English+Language+News+Site+ for+Montenegro%22&filter=0 - 196 results

    PRWeb: %22Tech-FAQ+Uses+Technology+To+Fight+Censorship%22&filter= 0 - 9,620 results

    MyPRGenie(PrNewsWire): %22MemeBridge+Launches+Web+Initiatives+to+Combat+t he+Great+Recession%22&filter=0 - 8,420 results

    I am not seeing significant traffic or SERP improvements from these press releases. Google may have automated mechanisms in place to discount links from press releases.
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    But why would Google do so - as people visiting to the Press release also visit the site from the link which must be consider as a traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliseBlanchett View Post
    But why would Google do so - as people visiting to the Press release also visit the site from the link which must be consider as a traffic.
    Possibly because the links are not natural.

    Possibly because all of the duplicates of the press releases are duplicate content, which Google just went after with the Farmer/Panda update.

    It is probably a bit early to judge the results. I suggest waiting 30 to 60 days to see if there is any improvement. Most things happen much slower with Google these days.
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    I dont think so google discount the links because each back link through press release should be treated as a vote for your site.
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    It will still gives you nice backlinks juice. I expect your site to up several page for your targeted keywords (if you target any keyword).

    And that's the reason why I only use free press release site if all I want is backlink. Doesn't worth the buck to invest $100 - $200 for backlinks from syndicated content imo.

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