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    Press Releases

    Hi I just wanted to know how much of an effect does a press release have on the incoming links backlinks etc and is it really worthy of having to pay a lot of money for ?

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    Press release are great if you are looking for backlinks , targeted traffic , Increase your Page rank . Yea the service really worth what you pay but you should buy the service from proffesionals and don't buy from someone who is selling the service for cheap prices because they provide just a bullshit service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeoAdmin View Post
    Press release can be very effective in building both traffic and backlinks to your website.

    I offer a press release service that guarantees you inclusion into Google news for all your keywords and its only $35
    can you just outline how press releases are effective, i mean , do you get to be google news, so lot of viewers,also rss feeds to google news ,gives backlinks?
    can you just be a little more specific . i maybe interested

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