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Thread: What is Press Release?

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    What is Press Release?

    What is Press Release? Does it mean using Newspaper advertisements? TV Announcements? I am looking for the Exact Definition, But please do Not Post a Dictionary
    Definition, I want something that is easily Understood, Most sites that I Briefly Researched contained too complex definitions for me to understand, well I actually understood but not in the way I think I am supposed to. It's Complicated. Anyway Press Release is a way of driving Traffic to your Site
    or something

    For example This Site (A random site I found on the net)
    If it uses Press Releases Will it increase it's Traffic.

    Oh, the last thing that I need to add is, Are Press Releases Free??

    Sorry for my rambling.
    And is there a forum for Computers & IT. Cause I would love to post in there. If anyone has a link to that Forum (In NetBuilder) Please Post!!

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    Press release is a document of any company or department about their vision, strategies,and informations.
    each press release has a new and unique information .

    yes we have many of press release site you can post your press release with free of cost.
    but if you want to get a rapid result and want to know more and more people chose the best PR .

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    A press release is a document issued to media and consumers to announce yourself and your product. A well-written release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of your business or products. A professionally written press release can make the difference between a successful press release and an utter failure.

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    There're free and paid press release site.

    Basically, doing press release is you release any news regarding your site, your company, or yourself to press media. And there're lots of news site online, so you can do press release online.

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    A press release is a document concerned to media and consumers to declare yourself and your product. The press release can be in written, audio or video format depending on the medium of the news providers. Press releases are measured as a major source of news information all over the world.

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    A press release is a way an uneducated publicist will try to get their message out. Most is propaganda about an event or product all claiming that they have the better mouse trap.

    Unless it is a very slow news day they are mostly a waist of time and effort. All media is now hip to the gimmick that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is trying to pull with a press release.

    Your time is much better spent making good media contacts with clout then sending out 100's of press releases.

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