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Thread: Advanced Footer Encryption techniques

  1. Question Advanced Footer Encryption techniques

    The latest buzz in the wordpress industry - advanced footer protection.

    Most of the themes now comes with this feature, the footer file is not encrypted rather some code in the functions.php or sidebar.php is encoded so that if someone tried to edit the footer file, the theme breaks down and an error message pops up.

    I would really like to learn this technique, you can show me examples from a basic template. Can somebody help me please?

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    Whenever I see a theme that utilizes footer encryption, I simply find another one.
    I'd say the majority of other people do it as well.

    There is no legal necessity to maintain footer links, since they're considered a modification of Wordpress code, which is released under the GNU General Public License. So, no theme creator or vendor can force any user to keep any links in-tact. If they decide to take it a step further and try and prevent a user from removing them, they're going to lose business and won't get backlinks anyway - since most just find a new theme, or go out and purchase one.

  3. i also want another if I've picked one of these kind of theme no matter how good it is.
    i just want to edit footer for myself.

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    I agree with the others. Footer encryption is not a feature. I would never use a theme with an encrypted footer or one containing links to unrelated sites.

    Anyone with average PHP skills can easily circumvent an encrypted footer. It doesn't really protect anything.
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    I would recommend to check glype code as it also contains certain code that break downs the script if you remove the backlink to glype

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    what would be a better stuff would be to allow site owner to modify it inside wp-admin folder but then let them freez it and then keep an eye on the content and if anything else is added automatically i.e modified by any automatic script the file by itself reverts back to the original that would be cool.

    PS : a good idea for plugin that can be sold bundled with the theme.

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