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Thread: anyone know how to recover hack site ?

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    anyone know how to recover hack site ?

    ANyone know how to recover hacked site ? one of my site been hack by some hacked .....

    reason get hack : i'm using one of the very old IPB board .

    here my site : anyone can help ?

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    I had some attacks on my IPB forum too .
    Generally hackers dont delete or touch databases and mostly deface index.php if thats the case then just replace the code of index.php with original file and it will be working

    if you have older database you can anytime use it to get your forum up and running .

    I would prefer you do a fresh installation of the IPB forum board to avoid any chances of hacker leaving a backdoor code on your site


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    Can you explain what is different? Did they only change the index page? Did they change it to redirect? Did they delete all the site files and database? Have to assume you have no back up of your site. If you are going to need a back up with some host they can restore it from one there back ups for a fair price.

    People will need more info to be able to provide you with more help.

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    problem is i dunno what they do ...
    DB, everything still there, i check no files change at all ...
    i downloading my backup now, will try to reinstall back ...

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    If you have Database intact then just install the IP Board again and change the db details in the config file.

    If you are on a shared server it could that all index.php in on the server have been defaced check with your host


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    on share host site, only this site hack (board site hack but main site remain) ....
    i try reupload complete folder problem still exit, i try to reinstall back the db and see how ..

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    if DB is intact dont reinstall the DB only do a fresh installation of board and change details in config file


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    Re-upload a new installation unit. Start from a fresh DB if possible. Should work that way.

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    Don't forget to change your password for FTP access, as well. Make sure that the new password is very complex.

    If you are using FileZilla for FTP access, delete your passwords from FileZilla. Some viruses will tranmit your FileZilla FTP info to the bad guys. FileZilla stores passwords in plain text.
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