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Thread: A bit code to test if mouse out of listview control

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    Check to see if cursor was outside client area of a listview controlAdd a form to a new project.Add a listview control to the form created aboveAdd a module to the projectDouble-click the module and type in the following code segment
    <a href="" target="_blank">
    Public Type POINTAPI
       x as Long
       y as Long
    End Type
    Public Declare Function GetCursorPos lib "user32" Alias "GetCursorPos" (ByRef lpPoint as POINTAPI) As Long
    Public Declare Function ScreenToClient lib "user32" Alias "ScreenToClient" (ByVal hwnd as Long, ByRef lpPoint as POINTAPI) As Long
    Public Declare Function SetCapture(ByVal hwnd as Long) as Long
    Public Declare Function ReleaseCapture() As Long

    Double-click the listview control and select the mousemove event from the dropdown box at top of editor window.
    Copy and paste the code below in the event handler

    <a href="" target="_blank">
    Static captured As Boolean
    Dim currentPoint AS POINTAPI
         currentPoint.x = x
         currentPoint.y = y
         GetCursorPos currentPoint
         ScreenToClient Me.Hwnd, currentPoint
        If Not (captured) Then
             SetCapture Me.Hwnd
             captured = True
        End If
        If (CurrentPoint.X < ListView2.left Or CurrentPoint.X > ListView2.left + ListView2.Width) Or _
            (CurrentPoint.Y < Or CurrentPoint.Y > + ListView2.Height) Then
            captured = False
        End If
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    its nice (vb6)
    thanks for sharing

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    VB6 is old... but...
    Nice for Sharing

    It&#39;s soo easy to master VB6 :P

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