This is project I'd like to start and to ask questions about it. After running into problems with GoDaddy, I signed up for an account
with VWDHosting. I really like it, it takes me a step higher than what
I could achieve with GoDaddy--and unfortunately, the automatic user
authentication materials (setup so easily with ASP.NET Configuration
and using the server controls Login and CreateUserWizard--well, they
don't behave the same when used on the server as they did back on my
computer----on the best day, I didn't get page errors, but I could see
that the computer couldn't remember that someone was logged in even
though we got the congratulations message.

I'm thinking, well, why not just build our own user authentication
database? After all, a newbie should soon get tired of just viewing a
database and inserting more information. At some point a newbie wants
to go into the database and take something out, put it in a variable,
and then put it to use (like sorting throw a list of usernames to see
if one matches what was typed into the form username and then checking
to see if the contents of password match the password given when the
person signed up.

A discussion of the security used to handle the password would be good (that might get it's own thread).

I'm looking right now for keywords of things or tools that I need.
Right now I'm very comfortable working with SqlDataSource, GridView and

I'm confident if someone recommends 3 more "tools" to learn and
then briefly describes which tool does what and how it fits together,
that I can sleuth it out from there with a bunch of Google searches and
piecing together bits of information provided by tutorials and my book collection.