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Thread: CSS Help, Please!

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    CSS Help, Please!

    Yep, I'm pretty terrible at CSS... And I need your help. I've tried coding my own template, and I'm down to one error... The sidebar/content area doesn't auto-extend in length (to match each other).

    Removed. No longer need help. Thanks greatly, 1901gt!

    Help me!
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    add this at #content, #sidebar and #page?

    overflow: hidden;
    Maybe need a clear: both at footer as well.

    #footer {
    clear: both;

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    add this at #content, #sidebar and #page?
    That didn't appear to do anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    Maybe need a clear: both at footer as well.
    That moved the footer text below the main content. Step 1 of 2 complete! Thank you!

    In case you didn't understand, what I want to do is... have the sidebar stretch down so that it would be the same size as the main content (without having to update a value for every single new page). Or in the case that the sidebar is larger than the main content... have the main content stretch down to be the same size as the sidebar.

    Edit: Actually... After having a play around in PhotoShop... It looks quite a bit more effective just having a divider (the same colour as the background) between the main content and the sidebar. It looks pretty ugly having the sidebar stretch down. I think I will remove the source code from the first post, just to avoid anyone stealing my newly finished design.

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