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Thread: CSS issues

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    CSS issues

    Not sure what goes wrong. I never had this problem before.

    'overflow: hidden' are no longer working in IE in my current web project. So, I have to include 'height: 100%' to make the Div looks good.

    'padding: 5px' for input text does not work in IE. It stays as default while all other browsers work perfectly. Can someone see anything wrong with my coding?

    And the scrollto prototype/scriptaculous script not working in Opera?

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    It's working fine for me in Firefox and IE. (Just so you know.)

    I ran a BrowserShots analysis of your site too:
    Website overview for

    As for your CSS issues, are you sure you didn't make any really simple mistake like a typo or an incorrect character somewhere?

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    Sorry, forgot to mention. Its mainly at the form area at the bottom.

    'overflow: hidden' is no longer an issue, cos I've added 'height: 100%'. Without it, the labels and input text boxes will be on top of one another.

    Only problem left is I can't seems to give a 'padding: 5px' to my textbox in IE.

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    Oh crap. Now its working. Lol.

    Silly me. There's some redundant <!-- <text> --> above the <html> tag. IE must have interpret it differently then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1901gt View Post
    Silly me. There's some redundant <!-- <text> --> above the <html> tag. IE must have interpret it differently then.
    I have noticed that some browsers can handle nested HTML comments and other browsers can't.
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