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Thread: Do you use Ajax?

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    Do you use Ajax?

    Do you use ajax on your website?

    I use ajax on one of my websites. Ajax is pretty friendly towards visitors and it makes life easier for everyone. I use it for my comments section, and search mostly.
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  2. In short, yeap. ajax can, if used correctly, improving the usability of a site. Especially in forms, polls etc.
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  3. What is Ajax?
    Similar to Dreamweaver? or is it just a script for commenting?

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    Yeah what is Ajax? is it free etc?
    I might research into it if everyone else thinks its good.

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    i dont use ajax. i always prefer for making website. but most of the big website making by PHP. ajax is a programming language.

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    wow..first i heard about it very useful??


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    AJAX stands is short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Also a nice mouthful.

    Simply its a web development technique to develop rich internet applications
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    I dont...though I should :P

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