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    Saw this the other day and my head has been spinning ever since.
    Google Native Code

    It allows browsers to run x86 binaries as web applications. Scary, yes?
    But if they could make it secure enough, it would be really cool.
    What do you think could be done with this? I think some better browser games would be a good start!

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    Sort of like Citrix GoToMyPC, but with a different market focus?

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    Unless you really, really need the speed or are a hopeless masochist why would you use this over flash, flex, AIR, Java, JavaFX, Silverlight, etc? It's crazy, man, crazy I tell you.

  4. Because people don't want to port the code in their legacy applications?
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    Because they want to push their own OS out and allow people to run their legacy applications imho.

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