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Thread: GPL Compliance - Sending Data From Proprietary Software

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    GPL Compliance - Sending Data From Proprietary Software

    I have a question ...

    Say I write a WordPress plugin that is licensed under the GPLv2 and it makes use of data sent from my server. I am thinking that I do not have to reveal the source code of my server-side script. Is this true?

    So anyone can freely copy the plugin code, but my server-side code remains private. An example might be a plugin that displays maps where the map server code needs to be protected from business competitors.

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    I am not an attorney, but my understanding is that anyone can modify code released under the GPL. If you do not release your server-side code and do not include it in the GPL, then you would not have to reveal it.

    I would think that a clear disclaimer regarding the use of separate proprietary code that is not part of the GPL would cover the issue.

    GNU General Public License v2.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

    Most of the GPL focuses on how 3rd parties are allowed to copy, distribute and modify the code that you do release.
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