Can you please help me how to script or give m some tips or books i can read to learn how to script and programming.... please list names of books or tell me how i can start of learning how to script please!

Here's a script was wondering if someone could translate it for me!

MZ   ÿÿ ¸ @ € º ´ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

$ PE L µæI à # 8
           ÚY      € = t€    .text p    PEC2LO ` à.rsrc  €
à.reloc     @ À ¸˜‰ Pdÿ5 d‰% 3À‰PECompact2 ‹]‹M‰\$ $èÆk.0;‰ÆÇX€”Â1À…öa² Ât[‹ @ …ÒtE‹ë
 h`ƒë9Ór‹…ÀtóÿУÎísët&€¸ u[1Ò‰ l˜¶Ç$ ò& iK…ÿu °wuF1öðeô[^_] ?ßÓ³€á\S{£lÇÉِ0 £‹ØË[éÂä†sv&‘ ü¼'n¼ú1ÿ¢¥ú6‰=À%‹«kŠN5z þ-… *¶!gz'Uº¡A¹‹Eå´âYTL0}„p‰;ÉƒÞ …íøÀÃU¹¼ó¨³ºLTÃþ«÷*;´XO]«t~Ÿ@`‰°àf@ÿp(Çq‡$ ŒÈ ÿ5 Ã2ù aÉ¡~&º[ð¿b ¡(Ë`ؐÎu ´&ØÙéÝ‹@õo [P.#ì?€= Šèñ uC–ìõ‰ÁǁÉBt<F6󨉡0ÉWî x¿!*–û[Ð-?©2»ëð{î[êëO羸Z€6Ï«fyÝÂ7üsGÉ€5œ¨-ôÝÜ`3±à‡±oƒæ¸ ft¸ vr,¶ÂjÍ3D$F°8Ç ¸°uÈ¥ÉdÑ ‰.ŽžËÉ“ çºà™:f^LDï½zÊßj¡K‰×àYP‹…ÉXË ÿ‡ÿ”Œ[
QA£sHf˜é£‘ÿ-S =¡ øÿt)áÿ P‰Ãt‰öÿqØ mKuöÀ ƒF[]™æpMÃ$-5 0Éë
@‹…ë¿C¨ôë½âcŽ}@Däo†N6»Ñ¼4-‰%—CZÙt~×¼~Á6ôùà0ëxo.‹ƒÁ ‚u ™ùrê]‹
èI·À“€€!dU¨1Û î‚ÿ°`ºx"FŽ¹ Àj„ ëFÉJx€|*¨AÀf!Ú Ëyòƒ;<@†B¶‰ØüñžÐ®¹$ºêÝ’6î† £·Q0¸pŒåeLÈ\l¸œ»äDê…ó\ë×á;ԁ ìÌißh
OƒIÃÇE˜A–cR`Óá,4u˜œØ:Œ ‰E¸¡ÇÕ¹¤¨ðñÙÁ¼¡¬°À¡=ØYv ´Ä¡ØaÇÈ¡Ì¡СYxgvÔ sÊ2f؉41fϬ »…Dÿ…;#yoå<ÉÌNÁÑ âYü‰Ç‹0r‹¹ó«ÇCXnã _dG8 ¡`ÇY”C‰dB:zhC(CBï4ÚS¹×C¡pâBÔS 0Ú"ZNÿ,c†.l¡h8£º4…oå!Èè!ö$ Aˆ„*H+úUxçôÀ§
ht(·zltvtvp ttvtvx|w~Ž€„gJ刍…ÒÙ9³¤øÀ‹p Bj1”Ö‰Ý-dfÆé.³ |xv,„3£€Å…1£ ‰ø‚bÈÌ9úu±FÇ‚®‹èHõŒM¤E±HŸÊ ’:™‡ <Y¡ÈÀ@?ËÝÉ›[ðÑäKÿ%ÀX8× ùçÏÐØÄçŸþÜÌÔŸþùè´¨}þùç°¬ ¤ûñg±»¦ËÈŸÀmÛ B§]á·@8 x “H ðnЀd Ç£I Ø:m€GÓ´ ½°X `»B&Îá0Æ0¹>pÚ ãÔ-LIBGCCW32- EH-SJLJ-GTHR-MINGŠ%z*w¼ _sharedptr->size =Ž :Nof( @___SHARED) %s:%u: fai[ à]l assertion `aÁ2'
../°eÃBgcccø,' fig/i386/--€uÑœ.cGetAt=©, omNameA (a,P÷,s)) !À‰×3‡wIP inB4P€ch[GodMe].dllT`^9\1°aó¼iñ pàÀïØóΘð‡ÃÝ/ð`ü`î9, a(8.‹
0@aLyžçqaT\ht|Þ²¼sˆ¯Ò׳,úV AddA¹WðZ Cž¥± eThdœ;ä ¯ FÜ°Ý>†ëždcSep $ __š@0ÔexitÔ!ÏR˜,‹º rnoéÀ±˜‡babn Ð-or0ffluaY´9prœËB7tf?Ž¼erma'ú–ÊcÞ*6 {syncKeyStà–Ô`KERí+ôNELXè>`n²msvc ˜ø,(US#9œ÷Ð ¬F0
  + Z\–Å6 Ì–Ãb&> Î(‚¥ Ž¦ '¨ƒ J 7  ñ
—ÓÅsÇ Ë›  /–Á4σe»LÞ‚Åwr ‘
sZvç Å¿.Ë :•÷‚(¾Ã¢!NÙÔÝâò "Æ €@P0°Ï µæI 2P    6€ 2€ 0€ :€ @ DllMain@12 Ô€ ä€ ø€  $ @ P€ ÿÿÿÿÄ€ P€ d€ ÿÿÿÿ d€ l€ ÿÿÿÿ4 l€ kernel32.dll LoadLibraryA GetProcAddress VirtualAlloc VirtualFree msvcrt.dll __dllonexit USER32.dll GetAsyncKeyState €
U , ‰åWVSƒì ‹} ƒÿ„« ‰|- $ Ø  X `‹t$$‹|$(ü*3É…Àtà  3ҍ8¤±èr sö;ûƒ… SUW\ 3ÛC3í‹Ã| ‹ë‹ßèQñ ä, \= Ç‹ïèBâ_][+Ás ² ‹Åè= ë$±è)ÀIu![¦,ö@‹€ìX cƒÙÿ=V`, ‹÷+ðó¤^AAë‰Òu’*’Bà XàÙAèíÿÉèXž8æÿròÃ+‰´o`a P â6,28¸9ËüP¸gQœT€€Ã
qÄ\<_œpTâÐun¤ÜbãÏ "A³DC÷é—ª㼶…úPbãp^ÇH 0 ºó8º 0pD7\m €–p&G
bgñí* -àx÷SWVUè Ò„]íLµC º‹FüƒÀü‹Þ‹XÀ V‹vò½/*«0 8ƒ{Ht‹sD…öt¹#m/‹{@ú <Ö…‹ó/o šÿQèF,ݐ‹N,‰+CÞ†äj@hQj Ÿ…g•7‰…'üP Vèö Ð)½…”¸Çt¿@63Ñ¡US· b4…É„‰NQ„ß’G{‹•˜*1®&á-u 9x:ë-÷ÁtR×Ù)áQ…dz0–P?ˆ• Lz‹s ÈRs”¥:Ò¶…cj…«qŽý“H#ËèÑë8"g ØÞuC1 ‹K@‹ñ÷ÆéƒÁ‰ rD™äéòè² žWè7&³Õ€µ¤%g; ü0F ]^_[ÃU‹ìƒÄü`ùª>[ëàq‹‹ËQÿ“°!t‰EV #‹~Óû3ÀtR‹Ã<Âuü3«š š ZƒÂëäƒÆuÅeÎÒÉ ¿h&žø‹}G 9À_;ÃtY‹w8Ró‹€á
*tífÇEþgcf*fƒ}tf† †
fþ‹øçÿ p ¼ûfÁè øu‹Eøõã4IÒë·€Mòr´ Çf‹MU â`‚Âëô…0i•í›«è?Úñª\kJ· Hg¤ ƒ<t
þ ¿7xPë‰Uø·F‚šI©u}©K6–´ê›Ï õ| ‰Mü^‹6$+ ø;Ï}4‹F¶ÐUü,èÍ µ tþÈŠ×u:Âu
èÁÀ†ÄS˜ ?ä@¨È^YZ`?Ft5;t0 ‡R'÷à^aÞéxýëQ|Ę3 ºÂƒìfÿvRPè§? ÆäYI8´„WšÜ4A‘?Kø‹ƒ'Þ‹°#˜C)Þ åtMsÓ0-º}K°LÞÁÁùó¥áT-úÓ{žMúÑœÐAØ«ʪZ[¼Ç;9ùøv¨Ã
GÃu¢ã¦Û¤êCÀXÈGðQRVgɐAÖæo «»Æ>å"}ìI3„c+È–¨â^¾ýù}…\Œ ±8HôRŠÎU¨èK‹ gQ<Qè‚iìÿÐ@tt.ˆ—th'ê„ڏEìè ÊZ0p¬ú;}èuùÿÑ다xÇ™i&ÐÁà +Ç<ƒ ^^Z ~Œ|÷–ìØê@W,o‘”¶l%ƒ5„]9 ¨W¶9t$Ð CNÌf
?~¤Ï¢›ÿÚK yPWQSèChS@H +Ó´x³ëÅmsvbvm×8ÇE ‰ƒÎ¹OLè8®öFF‹“ïLÂ?ÙÿÿÒHØR$“ à¦Nuë‹‹¹@¶wê-„²ÑUœj4 u‹Ö2*Xòǃ GS1ö'æDR©‰‹1r %„d2ëQM²AbÈ¡V™ ã@@\WòZ„o“_¶‰6êËNë¬oõ6á[ÙTJF\¨;rN 0+ñ‰ h4ó;MH)W lf%Mó¶ÐÙ™À7U E@ t<H|ƒÇ'‹ÏÁé @_àá QPjœmÃûnꊨ,€ˆYº»æ&äÚñd,3 íQ…vá9_êŒ\v§ 3§ãr7 ϧú€SjRˆ¸Hz«4Ÿô.7‰ ïÊApplication err<‹Žor c è rupt. The pcedur˜-$%suld not bA»ïÂlo i¢‹xtDLL Ëô‹g¡ZdaldÍvÉ* W{cusl h32 MessageBoxA wsHöãtfk@oÁ¶nelExitP åiÜ CÀ|¾Handle Openâb¨kGe¾-†olçÛ€þVirtu
¡™~ct–ÒƝvšÅÍó‚Ž«·E/÷mžç9,ÓëP<D–ü]Hzœ¸ÿâ°¥ Ðï
`‹t$$‹|$(ü*3É…Àt3ҍ8¤±èr sö;ûƒ… SUW3ÛC3í‹Ã| ‹ë‹ßèQ sñ\= Ç‹ïèB sâ_][+Ás ‹Åè= ë$±è) ÀIuö@è) ‹è=€ ƒÙÿ= ƒÙÿV‹÷+ðó¤^AAë‰Òu’*’ÒBÃ3ÉA íÿÿÿÉèæÿÿÿròÃ+|$(‰|$a x Ø Ü ¹ˆ X€ \€ P€ T€ ¸w ˆž ‰A‹T$‹R ÆéƒÂ+ʉJü3ÀøxV4d ƒÄUSQWVR˜W ‹SR‹èj@h  ÿsj ‹KÊ‹ÿÐZ‹øPR‹3‹C ‹‰K ‹C‹‰Kò‹K ʍCPWVÿÑZXC‹øR‹ð‹FüƒÀ+ð‰V K ‰Nÿ׉…? ‹ð‹KZë Êh € j Wÿ‹ÆZ^_Y[]ÿà  0 € Œ9™9