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Thread: How do you feel about Oracle's Sun purchase

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    Arrow How do you feel about Oracle's Sun purchase

    When Oracle announced they were interested in purchasing Sun Microsystems many folks were worried about sun's projects future, many thought oracle would start charging for many projects that used to be free, so my question is how do you feel about the purchase so far?
    has oracle been updating sun projects? do you fill java can improve and grow with oracle? what is your opinion?

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    On the plus side, most large scale Java projects run on the Oracle database, so there is some good synergy.

    On the negative side, annual licensing fees for the Oracle database are obscenely expensive and Oracle applications can easily cost millions of dollars.

    Personally, I think there are much more cost effective alternatives to both Java and Oracle. I've worked with both in the past and would never consider using either for my own projects. Both are a best fit for large corporations with deep pockets and little regard for cost.
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    Oracle Purchased Sun Lets go back in Past a few more Times

    Sun Acquired MySql

    SUN Acquired VirtualBox

    So eventually now Oracles Owns following Gaint Products which also happens to have a large influence on the whole world.
    MySql - among the most prominent competitors of Oracle Db
    OpenOffice - first valid replacement of MS Office
    VirtualBox - leading virtualization solution for desktop
    Sun Hardware - Providing the final element for Oracle to complete their technology Stack
    Java - best companion of Oracle DB

    and i have to fully agree with TopDogger I have experience with both Java and Oracle. on one side they do have certain advantage ex oracle Db Procedure and advanced queries which i am yet to emulate on Mysql otherwise this whole Java+Oracle partenership diggs deep into your pocket.

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    The fact that Sun acquired MySQL a while ago has always generated scary thoughts.

    Now that Oracle has acquired Sun, they will be able to assure that MySQL will never come close to the Oracle database in terms of capabilities. A very powerful free database threatens their highly profitable licensing model.

    It is very possible that Sun picked up MySQL just so that they could sweeten the pot in a planned sale to Oracle.
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    Thanks for the answers
    I ask because I've been interested in learning java since 2009 but I barely have time to check my emails, anyways I'll soon get a lot of free time and I will be able to learn Java or C++ that is why I ask to know how has oracle been handling Sun's projects? I think Java could improve but Mysql's future is threatened so should I move to postgresql any time soon?

    here are some predictions about this purchase a guy made on 2009

    Oracle is a profit driven company as well. They have been a secretive company for so long, and as far as I know they are not really for open source. They have restrictive licenses even for JDBC drivers. So I would think IBM would have been a better choice because at least they support open source one way or the other. Here are some points;

    * Oracle has WebLogic and does not need Glassfish, they would just leave it to the community as an open source project to die (literally) keeping its restrictive license on though.

    * Oracle has JRockit from weblogic which is an enterprise class and proven JRE which would bring about two versions of Java. One is a community driven hungry man's Java platform with little financial backing from Oracle, and one is for enterprise licensees with full fledge features and performance, plus support. Oracle will monetize Java as much as possible that is for sure. However, if not driven by a dozen of egoist block heads, community edition would meet our expectations in a greater extend (By community edition I do not mean the OpenJDK but the existing Sun distribution).

    * Oracle will continue Sun's hardware though lowering the prices for high end servers. Again they may leave OpenSolaris as it is now to the community (keeping the current restrictive license on against competitive forks) hoping that it would fade in couple of years and develop the new versions in secret. Something like Darwin.

    * They would hang on to the MySQL but would restrict its usage as much as possible. They probably would not care if you complain.

    * They would replace their archaic JBuilder based development IDE with NetBeans. They would continue supporting NetBeans as an open source project against Eclipse.

    * JavaFX? I do not know about that it is not in Oracle's play ground. They would release it to the community as an open source project which is a good idea. They would keep supporting J2ME but would not release a new version maintaining the existing one. Licensing fees of J2ME would not satisfy them. Oracle may even sell the both off to another party.

    We will see what is up probably this summer.

    My two cents

    Disclaimer : This is my personal opinion ONLY. None of these ideas or statements correspond, reflect or transform to my current employer.
    Has anything similar happened these last months?

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    Well, the nice thing is once a project is released Open Source, the build you are using can't be taken back...bad thing is if Oracle goes back on their stated support for Open Source projects, you lose their piece of the industry backing for the various projects...

    Sun never seemed to get over the hump in the reinvention of the company post Dot Com crash, where others like IBM and Oracle have done so to varying degrees.

    Since Bill Gates has moved on to fixing the world, Bill Gates--the most super-empowered individual working the Gap (Thomas P.M. Barnett's Globlogization), who will become the next "Evil Empire" as the younger generation(s) come along without the inherent hate for MS...Big G? Oracle? a Chinese company we haven't heard of yet??

    BTW, any Chinese members here on NB?

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    BTW, any Chinese members here on NB?
    Off the top of my head, the only member I can remember in China is yangyang.
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