If you look at Proxy List | Free Proxy | Proxy Sites, there is a yellow box that tells you what the persons ip address is... and says at the top "Your IP is exposed"

Is there a way in which i can set a limit in characters for the length of the output for "browser" and "host".

And how can i make the white bit around it fill the space ?

Here is the code involved:

PHP Code:
<div class="box">
        <div class="boxleft"><div class="boxright">
            <div class="warning"> Your IP is exposed.</div>
            <div class="bcontent" style="background:#FFFFFF;">

<!-- USER INFO -->



echo <<<D

                    <tbody><tr><td><b>Your IP:</b></font></td><td>

                    <tr><td valign="top"><b>Browser:</b></font>&nbsp;</td><td>

<!-- USER INFO -->