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Thread: How to Be a Worse Programmer

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  1. How to Be a Worse Programmer

    How to Be a Worse Programmer is pretty darned funny. The comments are quite good too.
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    Its this kind of stuff that makes me feel like a dumbass..i don't understand anything of it

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    That makes two of us!
    I am not and never was a programmer as I gave that up back in the days of actually hardwiring boards (so 1960's, loll!)....

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    Maybe there's still hope for us..
    Coincidentally, Morgan Linton is just touching the subject in his blog today: Turn Your Ideas Into Reality Quicker with Ruby on Rails | Morgan Linton

    This looks really interesting.

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    Some good ideas for coding stuff that you want to leak to competitors. He forgot to mention testing code on a live site to confuse users.

    I suspect that he got many of these ideas from experience of contributing to open source projects. --i+=++i--

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    I have checked the article but did not read the whole as I could not found the benefit(in the starting) if I read the whole article. May be I read the same when I come across again.

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