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    HTML Lists

    HTML lists can be absolute hell, due to cross-browser compatibility issues between Trident based browsers and Gecko based browsers -- not to mention Presto, KHTML, or WebCore!

    Of course, this really isn't the fault of Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, or Apple. This is the fault of the W3C for writing such sloppy standards in the first place.

    I was reminded this evening that I've lost many hours of my life futzing with these issues as they pertain to HTML lists. I mean, HTML lists sound really simple, right?

    I set off searching for "the answer I found before" and I eventually found it at List Display Problems In Explorer For Windows.

    It's a very useful article if you're having trouble with lists, even though I can't quite agree with blaming Microsoft in this instance.

    In the course of my searching, I also found the very nice and extensive Listorial. That covers just about everything about how lists are supposed to work.

    Finally, I placed these two links into this topic, so that I can find them next time I need them.
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