Yeah! I finally won the auction and I want to go to work on it right away. I am going to turn it into a short url site.

The market for short url sites is pretty saturated. There are thousands and thousands of them already out there and not a lot of them actually get a lot of traffic. I need to come up with some ideas on how I can make mine different and build traffic to it.

Some features I have in mind:
  • quick short url with no registeration required
  • url will look like
  • each link created will have the option for public stats
  • user registeration to view private stats on each link of your visitors
  • easy to use API

I really want to make a solid API so I can attract other sites to my service. I might even use it on TwtAd (or have the option to have your links turned into short urls). TinyURL has a decent API, but not much documentation on it and a lot of the Twitter short URL sites don't have much on their either.

Right now I have the nameservers changing over, but I plan to start getting a design in the works ASAP. I will open a logo contest up here and probably on DP. Obviously I want an awesome hen mascot

What do you guys think I should in development/design of the site?