Hi all,

I am collecting various Usage of Live CD for my study.

Till now my research has listed following ways

  • Banks Providing Live CD with Browser Homepaged to Bank Website.
  • Internet Cafe's operating on Live CD,
  • To Setup Diskless dumb terminals / Thin clients booting on Live Disk for cheap workstation alternative. LTSP will be a good alternative
  • Ethical Hacking, penetration testing.
  • Un Ethical Hacking or Cracking.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Forensic evidence collection.
  • Testing any Distro before switching to it.
  • OS on the RUN (when using Live USB mode)
  • Portable Electronic Workbench. <- Preinstalled toolkit for electronics development.
  • Portable Testing Workbench. <- complete with software testing tools installed

Please suggest any other usage of Live CD that you have in your mind.