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Thread: Looking for a Dynamic Text/Image Replacement

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    Looking for a Dynamic Text/Image Replacement

    I would like to find a script that works sort of like the sample below

    right now it works like this if input
    PHP Code: 
    then add what text you like to the end of the url it will show that if you use the add image feature

    I would like to have the same idea but work from a text a file so it can updated or changed without the need to edit a post only edit the text file and it will show the changes live in the post.

    I am just having zero luck locating one.

    found one I got a while back and its a tad better but doesn't work off a text file

    Still searching for this elusive unicorn

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    Here is a simple php dynamic image script I just whipped up which can pull a string from a text file. The problem with it lies in the fact that image dimensions must be defined in the script, so of course varied string lengths and/or text sizes will pose problems in image dimensions which will then still need to be edited when ever you update the string.. so not really going to work for ya..but thought i'd share it any way.

    PHP Code:
    ("Content-type: image/jpeg");

    //define txt file path
    $file 'string.txt';

    //define font path
    $font 'arialbd.ttf';

    //get string from txt file

    //create image, parameters (width,height)
    $img imagecreate(325,25);
    //define colors and fill
    $bgcolor imagecolorallocate($img,255,255,255);
    $textcolor imagecolorallocate($img,100,100,100);

    //add string to image
    //parameters are (image, font-size, angle, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, color, font, string)

    But if I could see your current script, it'd probably be possible to edit in changes to allow it to pull from a text file. So if you'd like for me to try that, let me know


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    Hey Mr.Bill

    You know if you want something done you can contact me.

    I can do this for you after I have finished with some of your other stuff, or before if you like

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