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Thread: Looking for WHOIS Domain Status script

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    Looking for WHOIS Domain Status script

    I have found several PHP scripts that pull in the WHOIS data for a domain name, but I'm looking for a method to pull in the domain name status. None of the scripts that I've found thus far do that.

    I want to use it to check for domain name availability similar to the way that Domain Tools' Bulk Checker does it.

    Bulk Check

    They determine the domain status as one of the following:

    Available (Previously registered)
    Registered (Active website)
    Registered (Parked or redirected)
    Registered (No website)
    On-Hold (Generic)
    On-Hold (Redemption Period)
    On-Hold (Pending Delete)

    Does anyone know where this data is coming from?

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    When clicking one of those icons, it brought me to this page:

    I'm not seeing anything there, though maybe I'm just missing something you could find

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Spry is a web hosting company. Those might be affiliate links or perhaps there is some relationship between the two sites.

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    This is a free one. Although you need to find someone to fix it as I think there is something wrong with it when I test it on my localserver.

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    I will check it out in the next few days and let you know if 1) I can get it to work and 2) it solves my need for a domain name status code.

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